Recent Hires and Veterans

Peter Mastaglio

I have been reminded every day during my forty-three years with Cullen and Dykman of the benefits and responsibilities I have been given. Because of the regard in which the firm is held by the public, the judiciary and the members of our profession, I am aware of my responsibility to live up to the high level of performance and ethical conduct demonstrated by my colleagues and our long line of distinguished predecessors.

Cynthia Okrent

Cullen and Dykman is a terrific place to build a legal career. Our young attorneys receive significant responsibilities early in their career as well as early direct client contact. As a result, they mature much faster into excellent attorneys than at many other firms. In addition, Cullen and Dykman is somewhat unique for a mid-size firm in that attorneys from diverse practice areas often work together on complex matters for our clients which allows our attorneys to gain experience in a wide variety of practice areas.

Richard Coppola

Working at Cullen and Dykman has enabled me to truly immerse myself in the legal profession by handling my own case load and by directly interacting with clients. I have been able to hone my legal skills at a young age due to the significant responsibilities I face on a daily basis as well as the mentoring I receive from partners and more senior associates. Because I am surrounded by, and work with, an array of successful and balanced attorneys, I strive to work harder and smarter, thus providing our clients with successful results.