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Construction Litigation

Cullen and Dykman LLP has a long history of representing clients in all phases of construction projects, including contract negotiations, finance, management claims, arbitration and litigation. In fact, the Brooklyn Bridge owes its famous profile to one of the firm's founding partners who chaired the group that selected John Roebling's world renowned design. Our diverse expertise gives us the ability to offer a client thorough and knowledgeable handling of its construction issues.

Cullen and Dykman LLP has a complete working knowledge of the fundamentals of construction law and litigation, such as scope-of-work disputes and construction failures. We strive to remain current with regard to significant new developments in the law such as multiple prime contracting and architect's and construction manager's liabilities. The firm has had in depth experience with respect to surety's liability for consequential damages, lender liability, contractors' claims against their insurance carriers, and delays and disruptions.

Construction claims frequently involve complicated and technical issues. As a dispute advances to arbitration or litigation, the firm frequently utilizes the services of outside claims consultants to assist us in the prosecution and/or defense of the claims. These consultants typically handle the review of factual data and analysis of such topics as schedule delays, labor inefficiency, the effects of design deficiencies, and the various money damages related to these issues. The consultants are an invaluable tool which we utilize to lessen your expenses and increase our efficiency. We also utilize the services of outside experts when the need arises. Expert witnesses are selected with both the individual qualifications and the presentation skills that will meet the needs of the client’s specific issues.

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