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Rate and General Regulation

Cullen and Dykman LLP’s attorneys have extensive experience representing electric, gas and water utilities and other energy clients in the entire range of rate and regulatory proceedings before various administrative agencies, most notably, the New York Public Service Commission, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  We are similarly active in representing client interests in related appellate work before federal and state courts.  We view the breadth of our experience in the state and federal regulatory areas as one of our greatest strengths.     

Our varied experience and our long association with the industry - we assisted with the incorporation of The Brooklyn Union Gas Company (currently owned by National Grid) in 1895 and, more than a century later, assisted in the formation of KeySpan Corporation and KeySpan’s business combination with the Long Island Lighting Company - provides us with unique insight into the field of public utility regulation.  Our attorneys possess exceptional perspective, many of them having served, at various points in their careers, on the staffs of regulatory commissions, consumer agencies, public utility in-house law departments and an electricity reliability council.     

In the area of public utility state retail rate-setting, our experience is second to none.  Our active attorneys have, collectively, over one hundred years of experience representing public utilities and other energy clients in virtually every type of rate and regulatory proceeding before various state public utility commissions.  Beyond traditional rate proceedings, our attorneys have participated in a wide range of both adjudicatory and rulemaking proceedings involving financing activities, audits, prudence reviews, penalty actions, energy efficiency programs, commodity procurement, fuel cost recovery, accelerated infrastructure investment surcharges, certificates of public convenience and necessity, transfers of ownership and control (including mergers, corporate restructurings and securities transfers), pipeline safety, service quality, industry-restructuring, franchise issues, generic dockets, customer complaints, rate and billing disputes, and other cases.  

We also provide regular counsel on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from routine tariff filings and other regulatory compliance matters to more complex jurisdictional concerns and ratemaking principles.     

Our federal regulatory practice is as extensive as our state regulatory practice. We have practiced regularly before FERC since the introduction of natural gas by interstate pipelines to the Northeast US in the early 1950’s on a variety of gas and electric matters, including representation of local gas distribution companies and other clients in rate, certificate and complaint proceedings involving the clients’ FERC-regulated service providers (e.g., interstate pipelines and storage providers), in generic rulemaking proceedings, and in proceedings involving the clients’ activities implicating FERC regulation and/or FERC’s Office of Enforcement.    

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