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Ten Questions to Ask an Estate Attorney

When looking for professional advice in the realm of estate planning and litigation one should keep the following questions in mind in order to gauge the qualities of the attorney you will choose to assist in all your estate needs.

  1. Do you concentrate in the practice of trusts and estates, including estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation?
  2. Do your attorneys possess a broad range of experience and knowledge relating to trusts and estates?
  3. Can I expect to receive draft estate planning documents for my review within a reasonable time of authorizing you to proceed with my project?
  4. If I decide to implement a revocable living trust, will you assist me in re-titling my assets into the trust and in preparing any new deeds I may need?
  5. Do you or your partners and associates frequently speak at estate planning seminars and write articles on trust and estate topics?
  6. After determining the scope of my estate planning project, will you quote me a fixed fee for your legal services?
  7. Do you have other estate planning attorneys and legal assistants in your office who will be well acquainted with my estate plan and with whom I can confer if you are unavailable?
  8. Can I count on you to provide advice and counsel to me and my family on a long-term basis?
  9. If a member of my family dies, can you assist me in settling his or her estate?
  10. Is your firm capable of handling issues outside the scope of trusts and estates that may arise during the course of my estate plan and implementation? 
We at Cullen and Dykman are proud to answer all of these questions in the affirmative.